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Healthy Weight Service for CYPs

Beezee Bodies are commissioned by Hertfordshire County Council to run the children’s and young people’s healthy weight service.

Below are the highlights of the service they provide, more information and the referral process can be found at their Asset Bank:-

BZ Families

  • 14-week programme
  • 1 hour of nutrition topics (snacks, breakfast, portion size) and goal setting with families each week
  • 1 hour physical activity with local sport coaches (whole family encouraged to take part)

Brief Intervention – 1-1 support

  • Face to face or online
  • 1:1 appointment with healthy lifestyle specialist, support families making changes, building healthy habits, nutrition and physical activity advice.
  • Family will leave 1:1 appointment with knowing what to change and how to change it.


  • 8-week programme for under 5’s in Herts Valley
  • Each session lasts for 2 hours, and includes some family time where we play games, and some parent time, where we discuss healthy lifestyle topics.
  • Create long-term healthy habits for families, discussing topics such as nutrition, emotional wellbeing, parenting skills and getting more active. 

Healthy family training for professionals

  • Professionals invited to attend face to face or online training workshops.
  • Topic example: raising the issue training (how to bring up child’s weight to parents)
  • We would like feedback from professionals on the types of training they would like to receive from us.


  • For professionals and families to come together to learn about various topics; fussy eating, conflict resolution, getting active.


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