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Virtual EHM (Early Help Module) System Training

The Families First Partnership, Practice and Development Team are delighted to be able to offer Virtual Families First Practice & EHM Systems training for practitioners who will initiate Families First Assessments (FFA) and/or be a TAF member for the family using the EHM System.

Duration: 2 hours

If you would like to book onto this training please email an expression of interest to ipinfo@hertfordshire.gov.uk and your local Senior Families First Coordinator will contact you with booking details.

Course Objective

Delegates attending this course will gain an understanding and overview of Families First principles in Hertfordshire, Families First Practice Standards, pathways and tools, including when and how to complete a Families First Assessment (FFA), using EHM system to effectively record and evidence support for family, undertaking the keyworker role and coordinating an effective Team Around the Family (TAF) and ongoing system and practice support for practitioners.

Expected Outcomes

Practitioners will be confident to initiate Families First Assessments, use EHM system, undertake the keyworker role and know how to access additional practice support should they need this.

If you require support with the FFA process or EHM system, please email or Tel. your Local Senior and Families First Coordinator

Further guidance and resource to support Early Help practitioners is available from the Professionals Portal at www.hertfordshire.gov.uk/familiesfirstpractitioners


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